6-Week Challenge
Are you feeling stuck in a business with poor-performances?

Do you have a job and want to create an extra stream of income? Are you in a bad financial situation and have no idea where to pick up?If you say "YES" to any of the above ...You're Invited to Join the "Lift Me Up" 6-Week Challenge

Those who feast today and suffer tomorrow
For some reason money doesn't linger in your hands, you overspend tomorrow's money today and turn your life from eating bread to drinking water without planning.
Those having a tough time getting business going
You own a business that's been successful, but for some reason you are not doing well in recent months, no matter how hard you try.

Those who work hard yet see no results
You have been working hard without days off for more than a year and the result is you got Less Money than expected. You get more and more irritable and sense of crisis dominates your life
Those who woke up and realized a lot from the crisis
Now you understood that it was necessary to reserve money, or invest your money, to protect yourself, but something is missing that is keeping you away from putting your money in the right place
Those who have no energy
You know how to make money, and you store lots of cool ideas and tips in your pocket, however, you have a hole in your pocket because there is no energy to turn your ideas into money making
Those who are always in debt
You are living in debt, moving from one debt to another. All the debts are added up and suddenly you turn to be a debt slave
Launch of a Group Coaching
You can join us for only US$ 497
We start group coaching on July 20th
Group Coaching
6 weeks to change your lifestyle and to obtain millionaire money skills
Money Skills & Energy Booster
  • You will get a boost of energy
  • You will understand how to "change" your energy to money
  • You will set a list of specific goals and start achieving them
  • You will determine what resources are you missing
  • You will repair the "holes" that get your energy merge
Money-Attract Warrior Mindset
  • You will understand the real functions of money and why you really need money
  • You will identify the false functions that you do with money
  • You will start to do things that you have not done for Years since there was not enough money
  • You will write a list of affirmations that prevent you from making money
Getting Rid of Obstacles on your way

  • You will identify your negative financial behavior model
  • You will start working with your fears
  • You will ger rid of old unnecessary things
Say Bye to Bad Debt and Declutter Your Mind
  • You will get rid of bad debts and debtors (or restructure big debts and understand how to work with your debts)
  • You will identify your skills and talents that can be monetized (choosing your niche)
  • You will clean the informational space from unnecessary things
Start Making Your 1st Extra Income
  • You will implement your money skills and start having your first extra income
  • You can win a private coaching from Olga for 8 weeks worth US$ 5000 if you are the biggest achiever
  • Achieve your money goals like a pro during and after this week & change your life completely
Create Your Own Wealth Creation Formula
  • You'll end up with your own wealth creation formula
  • You will learn which types of investing are for you and how to invest without spending less than 15 minutes a day
  • Generate several streams of income without investing thousands of dollar
6 Months of Weekly Coaching Calls
Guaranteed Financial Results for Those Who Complete All the Tasks
VIP community
1 Private Coaching Call with Olga
Launch Price US$ 497
Only till July 5th we offer 40% off the price. That price would never happen again.
We refund money for 30 days without asking you any questions
If you are not satisfied for any reason
Olga Fleming
Olga has a double master degree in Law and Real Estate Management. She started her first business in 2009 and since then she has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to expand their business and grow internationally with her legal and investment expertise. Passionate about helping entrepreneurs & investors to build international portfolios and gain financial freedom.

Olga has joined multiple industry events as a speaker and VIP guest worldwide to share her journey of success.
Get Results from Coaching
Olga Fleming will help you optimize your wealth step by step.
Getting the right mentor is extremely important for getting the results you specifically need.
Coaching will help you develop your money & investor skills and learn faster than ever. If your coach is already a proven expert when it comes to lifelong learning and professional evaluation your success is inevitable. The absolute focus on your goal and tailor made coaching sessions ensuring that experience is completely personal and adapted to meet your specific needs. For example, how to achieve your money and lifestyle goals and creating active and passive income streams. Coaching with Olga Fleming will help you create a culture of business or investor excellence that will become the new foundation for your financial freedom. Getting the right mentor is extremely important for getting the results you specifically need.
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Olga is a great European lawyer with extensive knowledge on real estate and legal knowledge, it was a pleasure to work with her, and it will be my pleasure to cooperate in the future.

Vladimir Cuturilo
General Manager

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