November 21, 2018
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Easy Immigration Online Course
Empower your legal skills, find your own immigration path the easiest way
Powerful immigration legal terms interpreted into simply understanding law analysis, meet innovative business investment insights in our people-mediated model which enables course learners across the globe to be armed with legal weapons when choosing the right country to migrate to and the easiest way to invest. Obtain super useful legal skills that change your life by the world's pioneering reputable law academy.

What you'll get
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality Academy courses which helps you to get a great value for spent money
Hight Quality
We are the leading law firm, organising annual European Business & Investment Summit. All our professionals have more than 5 years of legal experiences and now we've opened E-Academy to deliver value to our students.
6 Weeks & 7 Hours a Week
Online Course is 6 weeks long, each week you have 7 sessions excluding bonus sessions. Each session is at least 1 hour long, which means you will get more than 42 hours of unique legal content during course.
Feedback on Your Case
Every week you get live sessions withcase studies during weekly Live Webinars, you will learn about other client's cases so that information you get would be even more sufficient
Bonus Sessions
There are 3 bonus sessions, each at least 1,5 hours long, which will help you to understand immigration procedures even better.
Lifetime access to Easy Immigration community, where you will get most recent legal updates from lawyers, and you can share your own experience. So even if you attend course now, that will help you to understand the process, you will always stay up to date with legal information.
1 Year Access
You get 1 year access to the course from anywhere in the world, so you can rewatch course sessions anytime you want.You will get a list of most useful websites as job hunting, apartment search, emergency, legal updates etc. for each covered country.
Easy Immigration Course in numbers
The best way to know it all about immigration legalwise and find your own solution
Number of lawyers and other speakers presenting you most up-to date information
People already joined the Course starting on November 21, 2018
$4500 is average amount you save when choosing our course
Course Curriculum
Here is a short description of 6 week modules. Each week module contains 7 session 1-2 hours each.
Week 1
General rules of obtaining a residence permit & visas in Europe , visa & residence permit - differences , EU long term residence permit , EU blue card, case study, etc.
Week 2
United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Poland - all available residency programs including employment, student, family reunion, business, investment etc.
Week 3
Germany, Sweden, Permanent residency & EU long term residence permit comparison, cost comparison for EU residency, Golden visas & investment residency programs, differences of programs and must know tips
Week 4
Australian & New Zealand temporary & permanent residence permit programs, citizenship programs , comparison of immigration costs, case study and common mistakes of applicants.
Week 5
USA & Canada immigration program general rules, visa & green card, citizenship programs , comparison of USA & Canada costs for programs, case study and common mistakes of applicants
Week 6
How to buy a passport, comparison of fast passport programs in the world, price comparison, strength of different passports, pros and cons of having a second passport, taxation issues and wealth management
How it works
Do a weekly task and get a feedback
Each module is released weekly, allowing a flexible yet structured approach to learning. You'll be supported as you engage in individual activities and group discussions, ensuring you feel confident to submit your best work at each weekly deadline. Each week live webinar will be held with your tasks revision and comments. You will be able to learn on other student's cases
Course materials
With our WorkBooks, Tasks & Lessons, Dedicated Weekly Q&A you will be able to choose the real destination and prepare documents of your own. You will get access to links of local websites for each country and region, including job hunting, real estate search and university lists where you can apply directly with no need to spend extra money.
Course Covers 3 Continents
6 weeks OLNINE course covers: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zeland and most of EU member states as UK, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Germany, Cyprus etc.
Even if you know where you want to migrate, from our experience
Annual access to course materials
If you want to change the country of destination, or to try your luck in several universities for example, you have an annual access to all the knowledge and lifetime access to the community, which gives you information about legal changes even after the access to course is closed.
You get access to bonus sessions right after making a payment even before course start.

BONUS #1: Session: How to invest in real estate with high ROI ($397 Value)
BONUS #2: Session: Forming a company - tax planning ($297 Value)
BONUS #3: 1 Session: Seeking for job opportunities globally ($197 Value)
You'll walk away with
Immigration lawyer-cloned legal framework and tools for identifying the most suitable immigration program and selecting the most reliable and safe immigration service provider in your country.
A deeper understanding of destination country's immigration law, policy and its application procedures.
Shortcut of thousands of dollar saving, hours of concerns waived, and hundreds of mistakes avoided.
The most updated case studies from real people and real immigrants sharing immigration experience. You can feel it before you go ahead to spend on big bucks to take on action.
Immigration lawyer's Special Case Evaluation for your own case.
Becoming a member of the largest immigration chat group where you receive useful immigration information each day.
Our clients love us
It has been a great experience in every aspect since I hired this company. I must say very eligible they are!
Marvin Tolson
Oruga Group is a trustful company. I would highly recommend! Thanks guys!
Harrison Hobbs
This is probably the best place to go to for your claims.I can finally stop looking for great legal help! SO recommended!!
Kelvin Horton
A time you need somebody by your side. That should be trustworthy, honorable and most importantly somebody that'll fight for you. And Oruga Group is such a company to trust. I would highly recommend! Thanks guys!
Thomas Daniels
We inspire people to change their lives & immigrate with the help of top lawyers and similar minded group of people on the way to achieve their goal.
Get all the knowledge in one place. Try the fastest way to live your dream.
If you have any questions, you can ask them by mail or by phone +48 22 240 70 40
Does it make sense to register if I don't know which country to choose?
Yes, the course program has been designed for those who have not chosen their destination yet as well as those who chose a country already, you will learn in a simple way, and it is very frequent for our students to change their first choice after they learn about all requirements for specific program.
Can I participate in the part of the course as I already chose the country ?
You can only have a full access to the seminar, first it is very often for the course participants to change the destination of immigration, second the cost is lower than a good lawyer's 2 hour consultation, so you don't waste your money even if you are not interested in the full course.
How do I prepare documents by myself?
You get all the tools and checklists for documents to be prepared in advance, also if you have additional questions you will have courses team advisor to answer your comments.
Is it possible for me to apply for university directly without agent service
Yes, if you attend the course, you will get all the tools for that, list of the Universities with direct contacts and lists of documents required, you will also get a direct contact to the University and all available courses in English.
Can I find a job by joining your course?
We will provide you all necessary tools where foreign applicants can post their CVs and search for good jobs. There will also be standards for creating your CV with legal requirements by the region.
Our course prices
Join with the best available price and save at least $4500 this year
  • 6 weeks of sessions
  • .More than 42 hours of legal knowledge prepared by TOP lawyers
  • 6 live group webinars with lawyers to do case study
  • 3 live group sessions with experienced immigrants
  • Lifetime access to the course materials
  • Lifetime access to Easy Immigration Community
  • Workbooks for each week
  • List of useful websites
  • List of each country useful websites and contacts
  • University database
  • VIP supporting chat
  • 2 personal consultation calls with TOP lawyers
  • +
  • 3 BONUS sessions
$1200 / person
$650 / person
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