December 18, 2018
12:00 EST (6 PM Berlin time)
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Saves You More Than $100,000
Cost & Tax Management Training
Empower your business skills, find out how to optimize taxes and costs like the way Starbucks, Amazon & Google does
There is hardly any business in the world that is fond of paying taxes or having high costs. It doesn't matter how big the business is, where it is located or what its profits are. If you are a business owner, probably, you would prefer to spend as much money as possible on your business development, not taxes or other costs. And that's what tax & cost optimization is applied for.
What you'll get
Our goal is to deliver value to our students through high-quality Academy seminars, trainings and courses which helps you to get a great value for their money sprent
Hight Quality
We are the leading law firm & business consultancy, with over 10 years of experience. We host annual European Business & Investment Summit with hundreds of attendees every year. Now our knowledge is available online, for bigger audience.
2 Hours of Traning
In this training you will learn about core strategies of
business resource planning, cost estimating, cost budgeting, cost control, tax optimization, tax structuring. More to it, you will learn about 7 strategies of
cost & tax planning of Amazon, Google, Starbucks etc.
Your Questions will be Answered
Each attendee can send us questions during live sessions, and within 48 hours after the training. Questons can be sent regarding the training topic. If questions are asked after the live session amount of questions is limited to 3.
Bonus Workbook
You'll get a WorkBook to apply the knowledge immediately. If you follow WorkBook page by page this training will be most effective, and all points will be easier to apply.
Case Study
Learning on the biggest companies Case Studies is what you get
1 Week Access
You get 1 week access to the training from anywhere in the world, so you can it anytime you want.
You'll walk away with
Buisness cost & tax managemnet framework and tools for identifying the most suitable business optimization solution .
A deeper understanding of how to plan your budget, costs, taxes and how to pay the bill when it is convenient to you.
Shortcut of thousands of dollar saving, hours of concerns waived, and hundreds of mistakes avoided.
The most updated case studies from Starbucks, Cafe Nero, Amazon & Google. You can feel it before you go ahead to spend on big bucks to take on action.
Replies to your questoins during the online training and after if you didn't attend the live session for your own case.
Our students love us
It has been a great experience in every aspect since I hired this company. I must say very eligible they are!
Marvin Tolson
Oruga Group is a trustful company. I would highly recommend! Thanks guys!
Harrison Hobbs
This is probably the best place to go to for your claims.I can finally stop looking for great legal help! SO recommended!!
Kelvin Horton
A time you need somebody by your side. That should be trustworthy, honorable and most importantly somebody that'll fight for you. And Oruga Group is such a company to trust. I would highly recommend! Thanks guys!
Thomas Daniels
We inspire people to change their lives & take their business to the next level with the help of top lawyers and similar minded group of people on the way of achieving their goals
Get all the knowledge in one place. Try the fastest way to live your dream.
If you have any questions, you can ask us by E-mail or by phone +48 22 240 70 40
Does it make sense to register if I didn't start the business yet?
Yes, it does. In that case you will be able to preprare for business with a diligent cost plan.
If I can't join online session would there be a replay ?
Yes, there would be a replay, also you will be able to ask your questions.
How to make the payment with a Debit or Credit card?
PayPal payment gate allows you to pay with a debit or credit card also, you shoul dfill in the details and choose an option with a debit card payment.
Our training prices
Join with the best available price and
save at least $10000 each year
  • 2 hours live training
  • Bonus Workbooks
  • 30 days access to the training materials
  • VIP supporting chat
  • 2 personal consultation calls with TOP lawyers
  • +
  • 3 BONUS Sessions
$1200 / person
$650 / person
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Cost & Tax Management Training

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